Safety Rubber Matting

About Mac's Rubber Matting

Mac's rubber is a delecacy in a world where your are in your comfort zone, Where you wanna relax comfortably not worrying wether your kids are playing safe, Where your wife can do yoga, Whether she she drags you in or not or maybe just show her how you can lift some weights instead, She'll be more interested in you than her yoga sessions. Whether you like a colourful floor look which will inspire you to gym or your kids to play is all up to you, You have the option of a colourful playground or kiddies games, even plain or however you might like it. Below listed are a few examples:

It's a tradition in Cape Town especially to reuse and recycle, Why I'm bringing that up, Because Mac's Rubber is made up of recycled tyres, Making the community better and cleaner, Once the kids in the community or at home come to the play park or play area, They will appreciate the area more and keep it clean, Although Mac's Rubber is to be applied on solid ground, Mac's rubber provides bouncy floors for your kids or even your own safety if falling to the floor. You can create a safer Synthetic Grass floor for your kids sake if you lay a rubber floor first, Mac's Rubber creates safer floors to breakable insruments that might fall to the ground.

Once you have Mac's Rubber flooring, You will definitely have nomore weeds to pull out, Lawn to maintain and nomore muddy sand. Mac's Rubber is strong and durable, Enough to hold tons of weight over the long years, It also has a new shiny glossy look and helps you obtaining an easier clean up. So go ahead, Create that magical spark for your family, That will brighten up their day, Build that relationship with your family, Every building starts by it's foundation, Get your foundation today with Mac's Rubber.


Water Proof
Our Rubber matting floors are water proof, Can rain all day.
Provided Safety
You and your kids can fall and won't get bruised, Provided our safety matting is there.
Creative and Colourful
You can choose what designs and what colours you would like to play with.
Long Lasting
Our Safety Rubber Matting can last for decades.

Areas Intended

  1. Suitable for your indoor areas.
    1. Bedrooms.
    2. Kitchens.
    3. Gyms.
    4. Bathrooms.
  2. Suitable for your outdoor areas.
    1. Gardens.
    2. Yards.
    3. Pool Sides.
    4. fields.
    5. Play Parks.
    6. Gyms.

Why use our rubber?

We provide the best qaulity that comes with the cheapest price. We install your rubber for you proffesionally.