Synthetic Grass


Water Proof
Our Synthetic grass floors are water proof, Can rain all day.
Grass Look
Our grass gives a natural grass look for the grass lovers.
Fresher than nature.
Hassle Free
Our grass looks nice and natural, But comes without the hassle of needing to mow or uproot weeds.
Long Lasting
Our Synthetic Grass Floors can last for decades.

Areas Intended

  1. Suitable for your indoor areas.
    1. Indoor Gardens.
    2. Feature Rooms.
    3. Wall Designs.
  2. Suitable for your outdoor areas.
    1. Gardens.
    2. Yards.
    3. Pool Sides.
    4. fields.
    5. Wall Designs.

Why use our grass?

We provide the best qaulity that comes with the cheapest price. We install your grass for you proffesionally.